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Baseball and Cricket are both bat and ball games. Both games require two teams of players and have somewhat similar rules. It is quite difficult for more people to distinguish between the two games from a spectator's point of view. There are however many differences between the two games and this article sheds some light on the matter, as well as advice on where to buy sports equipment such as full size football nets .

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Shape of the Pitch and Bats

One of the most noticeable differences between cricket and baseball is the pitch. The cricket pitch comes in a circular shape and uses a rope as the boundary between the pitch and the rest of the ground. Baseball pitch comes in a diamond shape and usually has a wall or fence beyond a dirt proximity area. There is also a huge difference between the bats. Baseball bats are cylindrical with one end having a bigger diameter than the other. Bats in cricket come with a round handle and a flat end.


Both cricket and baseball use a round ball. However, the ball in cricket is red in colour and a bit heavier than that of baseball. Both balls are made of cork. The ball in Baseball is white in colour and has red stitching.


Umpires in a game of baseball range from one to six. You will usually find four umpires in a game. Cricket on the other hand allows three umpires in a game. Two of these umpires will be inside the cricket pitch while the third one will be outside the field. Also, unlike it is the case with baseball, cricket has a match referee.


In cricket, each team has 11 players while baseball allows between 9 and 10 players. Players in baseball wear gloves in one hand with the exception of the catcher. Certain players in a game of cricket wear protective gear while the rest will only have their team uniform on. Batsmen in baseball are only allowed three legal pitches while those in a game of cricket will depend on the number of balls in a game or per bowler.


Terminologies used during each game are quite different. For starters, the player in baseball delivering the ball to start the game is known as the "bowler". The same person is known as the "pitcher" in a game of cricket. The person behind the batsman is known as the "Catcher" in a game of baseball and "Wicket Keeper" in a game of cricket. The term "Batsman" is used in cricket while "Batter" is used in baseball to refer to the person striking the ball. Both the batter and the batsman do the same job in each game.


Coaches in a game of a cricket are reduced to mere spectators once the game has began. This is because the coach is not allowed to intervene in any way once the players are in the field. Baseball coaches on the other hand are able to direct the players throughout the game. Both games are quite interesting and have millions of fans throughout the world.